Extra Virgin Olive Oil Green and Amen – Picual


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category obtained directly from olives through a cold process and only with mechanical procedures. Harvested in October, from picual olive trees under optimal care of our environment and following the strictest quality controls and protocols. As a result, an energetic, intense, spicy and slightly bitter EVOO with an extraordinarily green color. It presents a high level of fruitiness with herbaceous aromas, such as olive leaf, grass, fig tree, tomato and tomato plant.

It is a full-bodied and powerful oil, so a small amount on a plate makes its presence known. It is recommended for cold recipes in which you want to enhance the flavor and add a peculiar touch to the dish, such as salads, soft pasta, breakfasts or pizzas. In addition, this olive juice is one of the most stable to oxidation, which is why it is the most recommended for canned cheese or sausage and for use in cooking or raw. Since it maintains its properties at different temperatures.

Packaged in a 500 ml glass bottle that is 100% recyclable, with minimal impact on the environment.

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