Lavender Honey 500g


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Pure lavender honey from Castilla y León, where we collaborate with other beekeepers for its extraction. In addition, we will find pollen from Fabaceae, Asteraceae, Honeysuckers and other Lamiaceae.

It is harvested in late spring and early summer.



In gourmet cuisine, lavender honey is one of the most appreciated. It is used to sweeten cookies, hot drinks, etc. It also goes very well on cakes, fruit, toast and ice cream. The softness of both ingredients ensures a perfect pairing.

The ancient Romans used it to perfume their baths, wash and care for their clothes. It was customary to use a sprig of lavender as an insect repellent and its flower essence was used to make lotions and perfumes.


Organoleptic characteristics:

  • Color: light amber, almost white.
  • Aroma: floral with a clear component of lavender, extraordinarily intense and persistent with phenolic notes.
  • Taste: sweet, with acid notes.
  • Touch: slow crystallization, often starting at the bottom and rising in the form of a constellation.



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