ORGANIC Chestnut Honey


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Awarded the Great Taste 2023 as one of the best chestnut honeys in the world, it is the favourite of most honey lovers for its special and spectacular taste.

Chestnut honeys are amber to dark amber in color, with clear brownish-green tones that are more visible in the upper area, where the honey touches the glass of the container. They have a very particular aroma, with a clear woody component, dry wood, like that of the boots where the wines are aged, and a floral base.

The taste is also particular, sweet but slightly cloying as it has clear salty notes, and, if there is a significant presence of brambles, acid notes.

It has little tendency to crystallize, except if in the flowering of the chestnut tree the bees also collected enough nectar from the herbaceous legumes of the accompanying meadows (clovers, vetches…).


Like other dark honeys with marked aromas and tastes, chestnut honeys combine well with game meats and the like, with slightly fatty desserts (ice cream, nuts, pastries with oil or butter) and with desserts mealy.


  • Aroma: strong, woody.
  • Colour: very dark amber
  • Consistency: very thick



Talavera (Toledo) and Sierra Zamora

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