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Thyme honey is harvested at the end of spring in the apiaries of the Montes de Toledo and during the summer near the Hoces del Duratón National Park in Segovia, when we take our bees to spend a cooler summer.

It is distinguished from other honeys because its aroma is much more intense and it is impregnated with the characteristic aroma of the plant. It has a very sweet yet delicate taste, which fascinates lovers of pure bee honey.

Botanically, the common name of thyme, which is sometimes given an adjective such as “aceitunero”, “cabezudo”, “de San Juan”, “salsero”…), corresponds to different species, mostly of the genus Thymus, but others of neighbouring genera of the same family, labiatae (Lamiaceae). The most common species is Thymus vulgaris.

Thymes form part of the dry, sunny thickets of Mediterranean holm oak groves, where they can be the dominant species, forming thyme groves. They usually also include other labiatae: rosemary, sage, lavender, cat’s tail, lavender; some herbaceous legumes: clover, alfalfa, cornicabras…; other woody legumes such as broom; and other plants such as resedas, rockroses, jaguarzos….




The intensity and persistence of its aromas and taste make these honeys highly appreciated by those who are attracted by strong sensations. It is ideal to combine with dishes whose ingredients also provide components with notable aromas and tastes to which you want to incorporate a sweet part and with the characteristic aromas of these honeys.

Combine with strong infusions, cured cheeses, meat stews, baked meats, or non-light desserts, always taking care not to overdo the amount used.



  • Colour: light amber.
  • Aroma: floral with a phenolic touch, very intense and persistent.
  • Taste: sweet with a clear acid component.
  • Touch: little tendency to crystallization.


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