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Honey from the rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis). In addition, we will find pollen from fabaceae, radishes, almond trees, cistaceae and sometimes drag from autumn blooms (heathers, brambles…). Rosemary is a plant that blooms more or less, depending on weather conditions, in autumn and early spring. For this reason, for there to be a good harvest of honey, there must be two consecutive good weather seasons, the first so that young branches develop well, and the second so that good flowering develops on them. It is also necessary for the winter to be cold and paralyze the plants, so that when early spring arrives, they still have flowering to take off.

We harvest this honey at the beginning of spring mainly in our apiaries in the Montes de Toledo.



Rosemary honey is light, it goes well with any food to which you want to add a component of sweet taste and a delicate aroma. Diluted with a little water, it is very suitable for accompanying salad dressings; it goes well with fish, adding it in small quantities at the end of preparation, when hot; and with some meats, desserts, fruits, infusions and refreshing drinks…


  • Colour: light amber.
  • Aroma: not very intense, medium persistence, floral with notes of camphor and new wax. The retronasal aromas increase, appearing fruity notes of its almond and farinaceous cam if it is rich in fabaceae.
  • Taste: sweet, with acid notes.
  • Touch: slow crystallization, often starting at the bottom and rising in the form of a constellation.

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