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In the Sierra de Gredos and next to the Hoces del Duratón National Park in Segovia, where we have our apiaries in summer and autumn, the oak and holm oak forests, under certain humidity conditions, generally from mid-August, tend to produce a large amount of sap rich in sugars. Due to excess production, the trees expel (exude) this sap. This sap, called honeydew, is what bees collect to make forest honey or ‘honeydew’.

Thus, forest honey is obtained from the myelates of the fruits of trees, mainly oak or holm oak, but we can also find chestnut and other types of nectar such as fabaceae, cistaceae, some labiatae, heather and brambles.



Forest honey is a product of rapid absorption in the body, so it quickly becomes energy, it provides our diet with minerals such as iron, potassium or magnesium.



Forest honey, apart from its daily use as a natural sweetener, goes very well with meat stews, especially game meat. We recommend that you use it in small quantities and always add it in the last minutes of preparing the stew, in this way, it will provide a light but tasty touch to the meat and enhance the aromas of the prepared dish.



  • Colour: dark amber and extraordinarily shiny surface.
  • Aroma: floral, intense and persistent.
  • Taste: sweet, with clear aromatic notes on the palate.



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