1.      Prices

All our products have VAT included. The Euro is the currency in which the payment is made, regardless of the country in which the purchase is made, since it is the customer’s bank that applies the EXCHANGE RATE of EUR to their local currency. The change applied to our prices is the official one of the European Central Bank and is updated monthly.


  1.      Payment methods

You can choose between the following payment methods:

– Credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD


We guarantee security and confidentiality whatever the payment method you choose. In the case of the credit card, the system is similar to that used by an ATM or a purchase in a physical store, that is, your data is transmitted directly to your bank, which is the one that accepts or rejects the payment.  If you prefer to make the payment through PayPal you just have to provide your account. If you still do not know PayPal you can find out in www.paypal.es.


Is card payment secure?

Yes, it is totally secure, we have the best guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity in card payment, which is made through the REDSYS payment gateway of Banco Sabadell, entities that have the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol, which guarantees that the data cannot be intercepted by third parties at any time,  likewise, “Apícola Ugena S.L.” does not view, retain or archive such information. Therefore, confidentiality is ensured in all communications that are established during the transaction.


How is payment by card made?

When you select the card payment you are redirected to a secure page of “Banco Sabadell” where for your security you are asked for the following card details:

– Card number (PAN)

– Expiry date

– CVV (Card Verification Code)

When you enter them, the operation is sent to the bank issuing your card, which will validate, in the manner established with your client, the authenticity of the operation.


  1.      Your order


If you have any questions about how to process your order you can send us an e-mail to info@mielcastiza.com. The first step is to register as a customer, once your data has been provided and in order to offer you a better service, you will have your account and it will no longer be necessary for you to provide them to us again in the following orders. In the case of wanting to modify any of these data, it will be enough to go to the “My account” section.


  1.      Exchanges and Returns


All products purchased in “Miel Castiza” have a return period of 14 working days from the receipt of the order by the customer. In order to return a product, it must be returned correctly packed and sealed, in perfect condition. The transport costs of the return of the product will be borne by the customer. Once we have received the return and verify its correct condition we will return the money of the product by the same method in which you made your purchase. For more information you can contact info@mielcastiza.com or on the phone 665854025. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. “Miel Castiza” reserves the right to refund the money if the merchandise is not received correctly sealed and / or in perfect condition.

In the case of receiving a product damaged by transport, it must be notified within 24 hours of receipt, for this we recommend that you check the status of the purchase at the same time of receipt, we will proceed to its change as soon as possible, completely free of charge for the customer (including shipping costs,  which will be borne by “Miel Castiza”).

Since “Miel Castiza” also sells non-perishable items, the contractual guarantee for these products is a total of two years. To do this, the customer will present the purchase invoice, and must inform “Miel Castiza” of his lack of conformity that is manifested in the product, within a period of two months from when he became aware of it. In case of defective product, the repair or replacement of the product is free for the customer, including shipping costs. Products modified, repaired, integrated or added by the customer or any other unauthorized person are excluded from the warranty.


  1.        Shipping and billing address


By providing us with your data you can enter two different addresses, one for billing and one for shipping, which is very useful if you want to make a gift or if you prefer that we deliver your order to another address than your home.

Miel Castiza is committed to taking care of the environment with the digitization of information. If you want to receive the paper invoice , write to info@mielcastiza.com indicating the order number and shipping address for it.


  1.        Sale to companies


In the event that you have a shop, business, restaurant, hotel etc … and you want to market any of our products do not hesitate to contact us so that we offer you the conditions and special rates. If what you want is to make a pack, gift or personalized Christmas lot, contact us explaining your idea, approximate budget and number of units you want; we will make different proposals so you can choose the one you like the most. In both cases contact us through info@mielcastiza.com, we will be happy to help you.


  1.        How are the products shipped?


– Delivery service 2 working days after the formalization of the order. In remote areas the deadline will be extended by 24 hours more

– Orders placed on public holidays will be counted as being placed the next working day.

– Public holidays do not count as delivery day.


  1.        Can I specify the deliver time?


If you can indicate if you prefer that we deliver your order in the morning or in the afternoon, the courier service with which we work will take it into account when making the delivery.


  1.        What happens if I am not there when they bring me the package?


A second delivery attempt will be made the next day. In the event that delivery is not possible either, they will leave you a note in which it will appear in the telephone number of the transport agency and an expedition number (corresponding to your order), with these data please contact them as soon as possible to arrange delivery. Likewise, the transport company will try to contact you to specify a day / time of delivery.


  1.        Claims


Do you want to access the Online Dispute Resolution Platform?

If any problem arises you can contact us at info@mielcastiza.com


Thank you very much for visiting www.mielcastiza.com