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Our honey of Thousand Flowers comes from the apiaries that we have in the natural parks of the Montes de Toledo and during the summer in Segovia next to the Hoces del Duratón Natural Park, where plants such as rosemary, thyme, rockrose, heather, holm oak predominate. , lavender…, and whose harvesting takes place in spring.

Many areas do not have dominant vegetation, or the plant that dominates is not used by bees (such as pines) and these are distributed by other non-dominant plants. When the plant cover that the bees take advantage of is made up of a great variety of plants, some of which have more presence than others, but without a clear majority of any, the honey that is collected there is called “multifloral” or “thousand-flower” ”.


This type of honey is the most widely used for everything, it is the most common on the market, and it is the one that usually adds a sweet taste to all kinds of preparations: hot or cold drinks (infusions, soft drinks, juices… this summer always have in the fridge the classic lemon juice with water and honey to cool off), breakfasts and snacks, ice creams, dairy products, fish, white meats, desserts (fruits with honey. orange, strawberries, apple, banana, pineapple…)



Energetic and devoid of fat, flower honey is a perfect substitute for refined sugar, as well as an ideal supplement for athletes and people with a nutritional deficit.

In its composition we recognize organic acids, enzymes and various minerals.


  • Color: light amber and extraordinarily bright surface.
  • Aroma: Very floral, intense and persistent.
  • Taste: sweet, with clear aromatic notes on the palate.
  • Touch: rapid crystallization in medium to fine sized crystal.

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